Model-L 3-Phase 1.5 deg

Model-L 3-Phase 1.5 deg image


Moog compliments its gimbal line by providing additional sized electric propulsion (ep) thruster gimbal assemblies that range from small to large, and one intended to point various sized ep thruster engines. The gimbals can be configured for wide rotation on both axes, limited with the inclusion of range defining hard stops on the thruster axes. Moog has qualified and flown the widest angular range thruster gimbals. Designed and manufactured by Moog, Chatsworth Operations, these thruster gimbals address the growing demand for dedicated thruster gimbals. These gimbals provide vector-pointing capabilities for various propulsion thruster configurations including Xenon, Arc-jet and NTO/MMH etc.

A Moog EP Thruster Gimbal has successfully steered the MUSES-C (Hayabusa) spacecraft to the Itokawa asteroid and returned safely to Earth. The Hayabusa II mission will have taken another journey in 2014 to Asteroid 1999 JU3.

The Moog Model-T EP Propellant Dual Axis Thruster Gimbals have successfully been used for orbit raising and station keeping of heavier payload satellites. There are multiple Model-T TGAs in flight.


Component Type
Thruster Gimbal
Form Factor
Dry Mass
6.0 kg
Average Power
18.0 W
In Production
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