SPEKTREYE is an RF Spectrum Monitoring payload oriented for Cube/Nano satellites. It has been designed by Syrlinks to meet the upcoming demand for RF sensing and Surveillance. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions around 500-700 km are especially appropriate.

The unit integrates a System-On-Chip processor and performs as a software defined radio. A wide range of digital signal processing features are offered such as Channelizers and Periodogram. A built-in mass memory allows for data storage, either raw I/Q or post-processed data. RSSI-based operations are possible for optimizing the use of storage capacity.

The optional downlink operates in the 8025-8400 MHz frequency range. RF output power is typically 2 W. Different modulations and coding are addressable according to CCSDS standards.

Power supply can vary in the 6 to 18 V range. Total power consumption for a 2 W RF output power is around 15 WTYP. Some “electronic fuses” are implemented on board in order to switch-off some power lines in case of latch-up or over current consumption due to space radiation. Operating temperature range is -25 deg C to +45 deg C. Different interface formats are available, from LVDS for data and clock to UART or I2C for Command and Control signals.


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
Average Power
2.0 W
In Production
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