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SatCatalog - Largest Spacecraft Marketplace

SatCatalog is a United States based global spacecraft marketplace, offering a spacecraft catalog and formulation tools. Our marketplace aims to streamline the spacecraft component selection process and connect engineers and researchers with relevant vendors.

1200+ Components to leverage for future missions.

5+ Models for spacecraft and mission design.

215+ Companies and partner connections from around the world.

20k+ Monthly users of engineers and researchers.

Developed by engineers for engineers

What makes us different

SatCatalog’s component catalog contains over 1000 COTS-based components for a variety of spacecraft types and sizes. Components are thoroughly vetted before being uploaded and are re-verified monthly to ensure components are up to date. SatCatalog is intended to be used as a global spacecraft parts marketplace where engineers can quickly find relevant hardware for their missions and to quickly connect with vendors. Our employees are composed of engineers who have actively worked in the space industry and understand the intricacies of mission formulation and engineering of spacecrafts.

Our mission is to facilitate spacecraft design and development to provide developers with current technology to educate and streamline hardware selection processes.

— Founder of SatCatalog
Developed by spacecraft engineers.

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Spacecraft Parts

View components of various spacecraft subsystem that are applicable to a wide range of mission types for CubeSats, SmallSats, and interplanetary missions.

SatCatalog API

Interface with our API to retrieve spacecraft component, satellite bus / platform, vendor, launch vehicle, and ground station properties to streamline your engineering processes..

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