SatCatalog Components API

API Overview

SatCatalog has over 1000+ verified components that are index and accessible through our API. Each component has their corresponding properties parameterized, allowing them to be easily added to existing engineering workflows. Leverage component information to expedite your teams analysis.

Components API

Connect to our Components API to gain access to all spacecraft subsystems and component types.

Spacecraft Bus / Platform API

The spacecraft bus API is specially designed around commercial spacecraft platforms.

Launch Vehicle API

Leverage launch vehicle information to accurate calculate trajectories and kick stage vehicles.

API Data Query Example

Query Example

The example demonstrates a single component API call for the ASTRO APS star tracker from Jena-Optronik. The API call gets a variety of component properties, such as general/overview parameters to the parts mechanical, power, data/interfaces, performance, and environmental properties. Furthermore, our API allows for filtered query API calls to filter the query by a specific property such as vendor or dry mass, which returns a list of components.

SatCatalog has separate APIs for components, spacecraft bus / platforms, and launch vehicles. Each type has their corresponding properties required to define that particular object.

Supported Parameter Categories

Overview / General Mechanical Power Command and Data Performance Environmental Meta

API Access Request

Our API framework is in beta and constantly being refined / updated. To gain access to the SatCatalog’s API, contact us directly with your use-case, company / organization, and what third party packages/services you plan on integrated with.

  • HTTP 200 OK
  • Vary: Accept
  • Content-Type: application/json

  • {
    • "id": 582,
    • "name": "ASTRO APS",
    • "subsystem": "ACDS Subystem",
    • "component-type": "Star Tracker",
    • "vendor": "Jena-Optronik",
    • "form-factor": "smallsat",
    • "heritage": true,
    • "production-status": true,
    • "satcatalog-link": "",
    • "mechanical": {
      • "dry-mass": {
        • "value": 2,
        • "units": "kg"
      • },
      • "exterior-size": {
        • "value": [0.154, 0.154, 0.237],
        • "units": "m",
        • "shape": "cuboid"
      • }
    • },
    • "power": {
      • "power-consumption":
      • {
        • "state-names": ["nominal", "heater-off", "heater-on"],
        • "state-values": [5, 6, 12],
        • "units": "W"
      • },
      • "voltage": {
        • "value": [28, 50, 100],
        • "units": "V"
      • },
    • },
    • "command-and-data": {...},
    • "performance": {...},
    • "environmental": {...},
    • "meta": {...}
  • }

Request Form

Access is limited to a small group and granted on a case-by-case basis while the API is further refined.

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