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The Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD) is a reliable, testable, and cost-effective deployment mechanism for small secondary or tertiary payloads. It fully encapsulates the payload during launch and thus provides mission assurance for both the primary payload and launch vehicle. All material in the primary load path is Table I for stress corrosion cracking. All external surfaces are electrically conductive chem-film aluminum alloy.

The CSD is easy to use and operate. The act of closing its door automatically preloads the payload tabs. There are no pyrotechnics. The door initiator is a DC brush motor with substantial flight heritage. The CSD can be cycled in a matter of seconds without consumables. The motor, an excellent torque transducer, provides invaluable feedback to the health of the mechanism by monitoring voltage and current during each operation.

The CSD has unique features that allow mounting to any face. This reduces the necessity for heavy interface structures and allows the CSDs to be densely packaged on the launch vehicle.


Component Type
CubeSat Dispenser
Form Factor
Dry Mass
5.65 kg
Average Power
In Production