2U CubeDrive

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Dawn’s single-thruster CubeSat Propulsion Modules range from 0.8U to 2U+ in size. They include a single B1 Thruster, tanks, valves, and control electronics. The structure is additively manufactured as a single monolithic piece per ECSS standards and includes both fuel and oxidizer tanks. Health monitoring instrumentation includes integrated and isolated thermocouples, pressure sensors.

Green Propellants:
Utilizes nitrous oxide (N2O) and propene (C3H6), which are safe to handle and widely available, unlike ADN or HAN.

Propellants are self-pressurizing and don't require complex controls or moving parts to maintain performance.

High Performance:
Delivers 285 s of Isp, similar to bi-propellant hydrazine-based alternatives, but with less mass and smaller volume.

Suitable for any CubeSat:
Dawn can provide stand-alone thrusters or a complete propulsion system including tank, feed, and instrumentation & control.


Component Type
Bipropellant System
Form Factor
Dry Mass
1.6 kg
Average Power
12.5 W
In Production
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