Rincon Research Corporations’s AstroSDR product family provides key components for a user-developed RF payload: receiver, transmitter, FPGA, ARM processor, data storage, and high-speed I/O. The board-support-package includes pre-built functions for interfacing to the radio, ARM processor, and eMMC storage, as well as Vivado project to assist the user in developing their own unique applications.

AstroSDR has the developer-friendly features found in our terrestrial SDR and DSP systems. The on-board processor runs embedded Linux, providing a flexible and capable development environment. APIs are provided for basic control of the FPGA, receivers, and transmitters.

AstroSDR has multiple interfaces for I/O and command/control: dual UARTS, two FPGA-attached LVDS pairs, and an Ethernet interface on an optional daughter-card.

Rincon Research Corporation supports missions with more than just hardware. We provide mission planning and operation services. We also have unique IP for digital signal processing, including interference cancelation, high-rate modems, adaptive beamforming, geolocation, and space situational awareness.


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.95 kg
Average Power
4.0 W
In Production