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The BT-4 is a 450N hydrazine / NTO bipropellant thruster.

IHI Aerospace has manufactured and delivered over 200 bipropellant thrusters for spacecraft since the start of development in the 1980s. We have developed 4SON thruster and 22N thruster propelled by hydrazine and MON3 for geostationary satellites in 2001. The high-performance 450N thruster has been widely used by US satellite manufacturers. IHI Aerospace delivered its first bipropellant thruster, the 1700N N2H4/MON apogee engine, in the 1980s and remains at the forefront of apogee engine production.

The 490N and 120N thrusters were developed with MMH and MON as fuel for the HTV. These bipropellant thrusters are stable over a wide operational range and are less expensive than imported thrusters.

Thrust: 450 N
Isp: 326 sec
Propellant: Hydrazine / NTO
Inlet Pressure: F: >1.69 MPa, O: >1.62 Mpa
Demonstrated Life: 32,850 sec


Form Factor
Dry Mass
4.0 kg
Average Power
In Production
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