C-TT-520 Transponder

C-TT-520 Transponder image


Our most robust and flexible S-Band product to date, the model C/TT-520 S-Band multimode transponder provides full-duplex communications with a variety of NASA networks and protocols. It leverages the latest available technologies, traditionally tested and screened in accordance with EEE Level 2 parts program methods. It is ideally suited to the harsh realities of space communications. The C/TT-520 features receive data rates from 125 bps to 3 Mbps and transmit rates up to 6 Mbps. It maximizes throughput while maintaining a noise figure of 2.5 dB and implementation loss of 1.5 dB – assuring robust link closure under even the most marginal of conditions.

The C/TT-520 provides accurate ranging using both Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) long code pseudo-random noise (PN) ranging and Doppler turnaround ranging. PN ranging meets the stringent requirements of the TDRSS Space Network.


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
2.95 kg
Average Power
12.5 W
In Production
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