CDH-110 image


The CDH-110 system consists of two main parts: the OBC-110 and the ACC-110. The OBC-110 is responsible for scheduling all tasks and coordinating TMTC functions of the bus whereas the ACC-110 which is integrated in the same housing runs the attitude algorithm and connects to all ADCS components. Optionally an auxiliary processor can be attached to the OBC-110 that allows centralized operation via a Linux operation system.

OBC-110 & ACC-110 characteristics:
- Dimension: 176x94x69 mm³
- Mass: 815 g
- Data Interfaces: 20x RS422
- Process Power: 90 MIPS
- Time Sync: Yes
- TT&C Operation & Scheduling: Yes
- Design Life: 5 years LEO
- Space Heritage: Yes

High Performance Unit (optional):
- Process Power: 400MIPS
- Operating System: Linux (real time)
- Authentication: yes
- TMTC Encryption: yes
- CCSDS Engine: Yes


CDH Subsystem
Component Type
On-Board Computer
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.815 kg
Average Power
In Production
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