CXS-1000 Transceiver

CXS-1000 Transceiver image


L3Harris’ CXS-1000 is a multifunction, software defined transceiver that features multiband and multiwaveform capabilities in a compact footprint. The CXS-1000 is designed for today’s low cost and shorter duration small satellite applications.

The multiwaveform receiver provides flexibility in demodulation, decoding and channel selection. Customers can upload different waveforms and program the frequency during production or on orbit. The CXS-1000 is designed and radiation-tested for geosynchronous orbit and is available in L and S band with the option of X- and Ka-band functionality.

The unit is offered as a single integrated unit or as separate transmitters and receivers for full duplex multiband missions. L3Harris brings more than five decades of experience in TT&C. The engineering analyses, manufacturing and quality processes used for the unit’s production are consistent with the industry’s high reliability standards


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
1.36 kg
Average Power
17.0 W
In Production
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