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The Dragonfly Aerospace Dragonfly Bus is designed to provide accurate spatial resolution Earth-imaging and mapping for a wide range of applications. The system has a long lifetime and features an automated Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) with a Xenon electric propulsion unit. Communication is enabled via an S-band TMTC and an X-band data downlink, and the bus includes a variety of in-built electrical interfaces for simple integration with a range of payloads.

Attitude & Orbit Control
- Pointing control stability: < 0.002º/sec (3-sigma)
- Pointing control accuracy: < 0.02º (3-sigma)
- Slew rate: up to 2º/sec
- Geolocation knowledge accuracy: < 65 m (3-sigma)
- Control frequency: 10 Hz
- Fully automated AOCS: Through target tracking
- Xenon Electric Propulsion System: 28 mN thrust, 1850s Isp

- S-Band TMTC: 400 kbps down, 150 kbps up
- X-Band Data Downlink: 1 Gbps

Electrical Power System:
- Energy storage: Up to 2400 Wh
- Solar Array Peak Power: Up to 1130 W
- Orbit Average Power (OAP): 710 W
- Peak power: 4 kW
- Bus Voltage: 28 V (regulated) and 40.5 – 54.0V (unregulated)

- Available mass: up to 250 kg
- Available volume: 1000 x 1000 x 1000+ mm
- Available OAP: 630 W

Electrical Interfaces:
- TMTC: CANbus, RS422/RS485
- Data: LVDS / SpaceWire / MGT
- High Speed Data Recorder (HSDR): 4 TB


Component Type
SmallSat Platform
Form Factor
Dry Mass
200.0 kg
Average Power
In Production
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