EWC30-II Transmitter


EWC30 is the 2nd generation of Syrlinks X Band transmitter to answer to an increasing demand of high data rate transmission, and extended missions in orbit up to 10 years in LEO (Low Earth Orbit). EWC30 CLASS 2 (& CLASS 3) is a reliable, high performance & low power consumption X Band (8 GHz) Transmitter, which was developed by CNES (French Space Agency) and Syrlinks for downloading telemetry on small platforms.

Since 2014, Syrlinks offers a 2nd generation of X Band (8 GHz) transmitter, named EWC30, based on space qualified components and fully compliant to ECSS-Q-ST-60C CLASS 3 standard. EWC30 series operates in the 8025–8400MHz frequency range and exhibits a data rate up to 400Mbps.

Evolutions of the equipment are currently under development to allow data rates higher than 400Mbits/s, for instance 600 Mbits/s using 8PSK and high order modulation schemes.
The transmitter includes a DC-DC converter having a galvanic isolation.
Two versions are available: (1) One low power 3 dBm for using external PA. (2) One high power which can be adjusted at manufacturing from 30 to 40dBm.

For information, Syrlinks CLASS 3 series (EWC29 and EWC30) have been already awarded and commissioned for spacecraft platforms (such as MYRIADE EVOLUTIONS, from CNES/Airbus D&S/Thales Alenia Space), and other missions.


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