GEORIX Multi-Constellation

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GEORIX GNSS Receiver from Beyond Gravity, a state-of-the-art multi-constellation GNSS receiver that provides an excellent on-board real-time navigation solution with high accuracy. With a weight of only 9 kg and a steady-state power consumption of 15 W (not including amplifier), the GEORIX receiver is a lightweight and low-power consumption solution that is ideal for use in space applications.

The GEORIX GNSS Receiver is specifically designed for use in GTO and GEO applications, with an antenna that has a gain pattern optimized for GEO. The receiver supports GPS and GALILEO constellations and has detached LNAs for improved performance figures.

The GEORIX GNSS Receiver is equipped with a force model-based orbit propagator and advanced Kalman filtering, allowing for high onboard navigation performance. The flexible acquisition and tracking concept provides single-frequency signal processing of up to 12 satellites, sliding search windows for minimized acquisition times, and Doppler-based loop aiding. The configurable data rate per measurement type and powerful parameter interface supports changes in standby and operational mode, providing users with excellent visibility of receiver internals.

In addition, the GEORIX GNSS Receiver supports cross-coupling of two non-redundant antenna/LNA sets to a cold-redundant electronics box, making it a highly reliable solution for space applications. The receiver also supports GTO applications, such as electric propulsion satellites.

With a lifetime of 15 years in GEO, the GEORIX GNSS Receiver is a heritage product that has been extensively tested and validated. It has an operating temperature range of -30°C to +60°C, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments.

In summary, the GEORIX GNSS Receiver from Beyond Gravity is a high-performance, low-power consumption, lightweight, and reliable solution that provides an excellent on-board real-time navigation solution with high accuracy. It is the ideal choice for GTO and GEO applications in space.

GNSS Receiver:
Electronics Box Mass: 9.0 kg

Amplifier (optional):
Low Noise Amplifier (LNA): 0.6 kg

Antenna (optional):
Patch Excited Cup Antenna: 0.548 kg


Component Type
GNSS/GPS Receiver
Form Factor
Dry Mass
9.0 kg
Average Power
15.0 W
In Production
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