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The GPSRM 1 utilizes a NovAtel® OEM719-series high-performance 555-channel space-grade GNSS receiver to provide accurate position, navigation and timing (PNT) information. Full access to the entire NovAtel OEM7 API is provided via a selectable 3.3V LVTTL serial interface, along with PPS and VARF outputs. SupMCU provides telecommands and telemetry via SCPI over I2C, as well as both Vinti7 and SGP4 orbit propagators (OPs). The OEM719's microUSB port is available at all times; it is primarily used in conjunction with NovAtel Connect software in a development environment and to update OEM719 firmware.

The GPSRM 1's Vinti7 OP offers a self-contained means of estimating position and velocity, using a past valid fix from the OEM719. Position and velocity can be propagated forwards and backwards in time. The Vinti7 OP in the GPSRM 1 can compute a new solution in roughly 200ms, and at less than 20% of the power required to operate the OEM719. The SGP4 OP requires TLEs from the ground.

The OEM719 line of software-defined GNSS receivers is compatible with multiple constellations (e.g., GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Baidu, etc.) and frequencies (e.g., L1, L1 + L2, etc.). The base configuration as included with the GPSRM 1 is GPS L1 (only). The most commonly requested configurations are listed below; for other constellations and/or frequencies, please contact Pumpkin. Customers can also re-flash the OEM719 firmware after purchasing the GPSRM 1, using additional-cost firmware upgrades from NovAtel and the GPSRM 1's microUSB connector.


Component Type
GNSS/GPS Receiver
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.109 kg
Average Power
0.025 W
In Production
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