HRT150 Ku-Band Transmitter


General Dynamics’ HRT150 Ku-Band Transmitter provides a solution for delivering large amounts of data from a spacecraft in one small package. Standard operation is Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System ( TDRSS) Ku-Band, with options available for X-Band and Ka-Band. The transmitter is compatible with NASA’s TDRSS KuSAR high-rate return link receiving systems.

The transmitter design makes use of years of General Dynamics research in high-rate bandwidth-efficient modulation and the latest FPGA, ASIC and GaAs MMIC technology. These strengths, combined with space-proven designs from our line of transponders, results in a high-performance and reliable unit with very small size and mass.

The internal frequency source is a DRO loop derived from a TCXO, which develops an extremely stable, very low phase-noise carrier source. The transmitter includes an integral 2 Watt Ku-Band solid state power amplifier to provide needed drive for antennas and high power stages.


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
2.27 kg
Average Power
47.0 W
In Production