HRVI-6 image


The German Indonesian satellite LAPAN-A1 delivers video footage with 6 m ground resolution within seconds to the user since 2007. BST has enhanced the analogue payload of LAPAN A1. The new digital HRVI-6HD complies with the HDTV standard. High Resolution Video Imagers made by BST allow interactive and real-time operation. This unique mode of operation supports all missions where time is most precious – search and rescue as well as security. Moreover, moving pictures are easy to understand and add to the political value of your small satellite mission.

Please Note: the HRVI-6 is a legacy item and no longer in production. Please have a look at the successor the HRVI-6HD 2nd gen.


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
5.45 kg
Average Power
12.0 W
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