M6P - 6U Nanosatellite Bus

M6P - 6U Nanosatellite Bus image


NanoAvionics’ flight-proven 6U satellite bus is based on a modular and highly integral design. It delivers extends payload volume and saves development costs for customers.

M6P satellite bus enables customers to concentrate on the most important mission goals and deal with high-level mission implementation tasks only, such as payload development, integration, and support during the mission in orbit.

The standard configuration of the nanosatellite bus is optimized for IoT, M2M, ADS-B, AIS, other commercial and emergency communication applications, and scientific missions.

M6P bus includes propulsion system capable to perform high-impulse maneuvers such as: orbital deployment, orbit maintenance, precision flight in formations, orbit synchronization and atmospheric drag compensation. It results in extended satellite orbital lifetime uncovered new opportunities for the unique customer missions and significant savings on constellation maintenance costs.


Component Type
CubeSat Platform
Form Factor
Dry Mass
4.5 kg
Average Power
In Production
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