MSX-765 Transceiver

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L3 Telemetry & RF Product (L3 T&RF) has a rich heritage of flight-proven satellite products. High-reliability space communications equipment has been one of our primary business thrusts since 1968, beginning with the transmitters supplied for the Apollo program.

The MSX-765 is designed to meet the next-generation needs for command reception and telemetry transmission for U.S. Department of Defense (U.S. DoD), NASA and commercial high-reliability satellite applications where mass is critical and higher uplink command rates are required. The MSX-765 is a DSP-based design using technologies developed for the CXS-2000 multi-mode, multi-band transponder. The unit consists of a BPSK receiver and a BPSK transmitter, operating independently, but physically connected for low mass.

The transmitter and receiver are also available as standalone units. Our transmitter model is MST-765 and receiver is MSR-765. The MSX-765 is easily integrated with L3 T&RF’s MCU-110 (standalone integrated encryptor/decryptor) and has flight heritage on the COSMIC-1and GeoEYE-1 programs.


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
2.7 kg
Average Power
8.0 W
In Production
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