The NewSpace Systems (NSS) GPS Receiver is a 12-channel hardware-based receiver which utilizes a well-established GPS chipset.

This GPS chipset has been successfully flown by a number of organizations over many years. Targeted towards low-cost SmallSat constellations, it has been adapted for space altitude and velocity through the use of custom software medications.

The NSS GPS includes an unregulated, isolated 28 V power input and differential interfaces. It employs latch-up detection/protection and a watchdog timer for increased reliability and robustness.
If required by the client, the NSS team can also supply an active GPS patch antenna with the receiver. Additionally, the GPS circuitry at the heart of the receiver can also be deployed as a single mezzanine board to accompany the NSS CubeSat ACS board or as a standalone boxed or unboxed version for CubeSats.

The COTS chipset utilized in the NewSpace GPS Receiver has been flying for more than a decade. Fifteen flight model units have been commissioned for build and launch in 2017 alone.


Component Type
GNSS/GPS Receiver
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.13 kg
Average Power
1.0 W
In Production