A high performance alternative to propulsion based reaction control system, reaction wheels provide spacecraft with control torque by means of momentum exchange between the satellite body and the rotating wheel. The increasing popularity of these wheels coupled with our commitment to high quality, fit-for-purpose components has resulted in NewSpace (NSS) offering these wheels in a range of sizes (NRWA-T005, NRWA-T065 and NRWA-T2).

Typically, three to four reaction wheels are needed to provide full three-axis control of a spacecraft. The additional integration of these wheels with external gyroscopes enables full three-axis control using inertial rates. With high torque stability, wheel momentum capacity and accurate speed control; the NSS reaction wheels are ideal for agile small satellite missions requiring accurate pointing.

Our latest generation wheel, the NRWA-T065, is TRL 9 and has extensive in-orbit heritage. Flying since 2014, this wheel has more than 3 million failure-free hours in-orbit with no reported SEU’s. Given the robust nature of the T065 wheel, this product has become a preferred choice for longer lifetime missions and constellation programmes.


Component Type
Reaction Wheel
Form Factor
Dry Mass
1.55 kg
Average Power
1.12 W
In Production