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XCAM Nuscis is a range of compact SmallSat and CubeSat-compatible space imager products offering un-paralleled flexibility in space imaging systems design. The modular architecture of Nuscis, supporting many different sensor-types (CMOS, CCD and EM-CCD) and opto-mechanical solutions, means that it can be easily customized to support a whole range different SmallSat and CubeSat imaging applications for example: Earth observation, remote sensing, space situational awareness, rendezvous and docking and in-orbit servicing.

The heart of XCAM Nuscis is the Nuscis Imager Controller Board (ICB) which is a complete single-board imaging solution. Supporting four different families of TRL 8/9 CMOS imaging sensors, the ICB can operate up to two CMOS sensors in a low-profile PC104 1/4U format and low <5W power footprint. The ICB has on-board data processing capability and telemetry, telecommanding and data transfer are handled through various common data interfaces.

The design ethos behind XCAM Nuscis is to create a modular architecture that enables the widest range of possible applications at a low price point. From an optomechanical perspective, imaging system designers can choose to integrate their chosen sensors with a wide range of optical solutions due to the flexible nature of the sensor/ICB interface. From an electro-optical perspective, imaging system designers can choose a wide range of sensor options (CCDs, EM-CCDs and CMOS) that are integrated with the ICB using auxiliary daughterboard and headboard solutions that can also include sensor temperature control.


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.16 kg
Average Power
5.0 W
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