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The OBC-P3 is an onboard computing platform consisting of two independent ARM Cortex-M7 modules, each with separate power supply, interfacing, and storage. The dual architecture makes the OBC-P3 a suitable choice for hot/cold redundancy solutions often desired for mission critical subsystems, such as T&C, GNC, or management of valuable payloads. Each on-board computer has a large memory storage of 64 GB for user data.

The application of the OBC-P3 is further enhanced by the powerful DSP functionality provided with the Cortex-M7 architecture, which makes it possible to port heavy floating-point processing such as ADCS or RvD algorithms without severe performance penalties and error-prone quantization. By default, the OBC-P3 is configured either as an on-board data handling unit with telemetry collection functionality, or as an OS-only installation for designers to write their own application.


CDH Subsystem
Component Type
On-Board Computer
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.12 kg
Average Power
In Production
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