Payload Power and Data Handling (PPDH-110)

Payload Power and Data Handling (PPDH-110) image


The PPDH110 by Berlin Space Technologies is a sophisticated payload power and data handling unit designed for small satellite payloads. It acts as the single interface unit between the bus and the payload.

It has space heritage and is qualified for space. Its modularity by design makes it easy to adapt to any new payload while leaving the bus unchanged. Thus, any voltages between 1.8V - 40V can be provided and any TMTC interfaces can be provided.

Power Conditioning Functions:
- Supplying regulated DC voltages and bus voltage to payload units
- Power switching of payload power lines
- Over-current protection for payload units
- Bus power subsystem protection against payload latch-ups

Command and Data Handling Functions:
- Forwarding telecommands to payload units
- Switch payload data routing between payload units
- Payload time synchronization
- Collecting payload telemetry


CDH Subsystem
Component Type
CDH Other
Form Factor
Dry Mass
1.1 kg
Average Power
1.85 W
In Production
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