Pyxis RO

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The Moog Broad Reach NavSBR GPS is a POD receiver optimized for fast signal acquisition and weak signal tracking. The NavSBR is the result of our successful collaboration with NASA/Goddard.

Moog Broad Reach implemented the receiver as an embedded single frequency 12-Channel GPS receiver ported to a single 3 UcPCI card. The NavSBR is available as a standalone assembly or a single 3 U cPCI card for direct chassis integration.

Generated observables are filtered using GPS-Enhanced Onboard Navigation System (GEONS) technology (under license from GSFC) providing high-quality solutions by employing an extended Kalman filter (EKF) augmented with physically representative models for gravity, atmospheric drag, solar radiation pressure, clock bias, and drift to provide accurate state estimation and a realistic state error covariance.


Component Type
GNSS/GPS Receiver
Form Factor
Dry Mass
4.2 kg
Average Power
50.0 W
In Production
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