RS100 - Reaction Sphere

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Advanced satellites use control moment gyro (CMG) as their attitude actuator for having a better slew rate under the same power constraint. However, CMGs appear to be more expensive because of a more complicated control methodology and mechanical structure. Nevertheless, compared with reaction wheels with the same angular momentum storage capability, they have a larger output torque but are occupied with more volume and weight.

Tensor Tech’s RS100 realizes a variable-speed, single-gimbal CMG driven by 2 degrees of freedom spherical motor technology. It successfully shrinks the volume and weight of a CMG by simplifying its mechanical structure. Although CMGs have comparingly complicated system dynamics, customers won’t have to worry about it.

RS100 embeds a speed control mode and a torque control mode. Using the speed mode, customers can develop their ADCS algorithms with precise control to the inner rotor speed and the tilting angle of the CMG. Using the torque mode, customers can treat it as a torque output unit which RS100 propagates the control and steering laws internally and assuming the slew rate of the satellite is <1 deg/s.

- Average power: <1 W
- Mass: < 250 g
- Lead time: 4 weeks
- Flight heritage: since 2021


Component Type
Reaction Wheel
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.25 kg
Average Power
1.0 W
In Production
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