L3 Space & Navigation is a premier supplier of momentum exchange devices, including momentum wheels, reaction wheels and Control Moment Gyros (CMGs). Our RWA-15s have accumulated over 2.5 million hours in space. The RWA-15 has an outstanding design heritage based on hundreds of space-qualified units launched to date. At least 25 units are in orbit today, with the longest unit operating for more than 14 years. The RWA-15 has performed on various remote sensing programs with demanding high-performance requirements, IKONOS, LEO, QuickBird, SWIFT and QUICKSAT.

The RWA-15 is a high-torque reaction wheel assembly with integrated electronics. It provides reaction torque for pointing and attitude stabilization of satellites demanding high-reaction torque and low-induced vibration. The high-performance torque motor achieves exceptionally low-torque ripple performance over the full-speed range. Internal electronics provide motor commutation, torque control, voltage regulation, wheel telemetry and self-protection circuitry.


Component Type
Reaction Wheel
Form Factor
Dry Mass
14.0 kg
Average Power
17.0 W
In Production
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