Separation Nut PSM 1/2B

Separation Nut PSM 1/2B image


The Beyond Gravity PSM 1/2B Separation Nut is the medium member of our family of Low Shock Separation Nuts designed for interfacing medium sized spacecraft with Launcher Vehicles. It has been developed to fit constellation class satellites, typical 500-1000 kg.

The Beyond Gravity PSM 1/2B introduces an internal mechanical leverage minimizing the required pressure spike generated by the initiators. Hence the shock is significantly reduced without sacrifice of reliability compared with heritage separation nuts. The separation nut avoids metals with different thermal expansion coefficients to achieve a wide thermal operation range. It has been designed as a direct drop in replacement for many of the classical higher shock separation nuts.


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.43 kg
Average Power
In Production
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