Volkh Processing Platform

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Infinity Avionics Volkh processor is a reconfigurable processing platform for nanosatellites which can be used as an on-board computer as well as a payload processor. Unique FPGA based architecture enables reconfiguring communication interfaces and GPIOs based on system requirements and avoids hardware obsolescence due to changing engineering requirements throughout missions.

FPGA SoC based processor comes in a small form factor and enhances its flexibility as a platform/payload processor. Infinity Volkh PC-104 baseboard can be used to integrate Volkh processor into PC-104 based platforms. Integrated Cortex M3 processor can be programmed similar to a conventional microprocessor and if required custom FPGA configuration can be implemented by Infinity Avionics.

In-orbit re-programmability of the Volkh processor enables the ability to rectify hardware/software faults during missions. Additionally, the feature enables the utilization of different firmware based on mission stages and power requirements. Volkh processor comes with a range of data storage options including SEU tolerant MRAM and low power DDR memory.


CDH Subsystem
Component Type
On-Board Computer
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.021 kg
Average Power
0.5 W
In Production
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