ADCS100 - Integrated ADCS with Reaction Sphere

ADCS100 - Integrated ADCS with Reaction Sphere image


CubeSat players used to build their satellites via contracting all design and integration jobs to a professional company or build the whole satellite by themselves with purchased components. However, the former method usually costs too much on budget; the latter cannot ensure the system's reliability and costs too many development times.

As a result, Tensor Tech proposes this integrated ADCS solution (Attitude Determination & Control System) with affordable prices and user-friendly interfaces. By adopting this offer, you don't have to program the complicated attitude determination and control algorithms yourself, but enjoy the quick integration process and instant customer support.

Moreover, a variable-speed, single-gimbal control moment gyro (CMG) driven by spherical motor technology serves as the attitude actuator for this ADCS100. It is comparatively lighter and has less power consumption than traditional solutions.

- Average Power: <1 W
- Mass: < 300 g
- Lead time: 4 weeks
- Flight heritage: since 2021


Component Type
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.3 kg
Average Power
1.0 W
In Production
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