B20 Thruster

B20 Thruster image


The B20 Thruster assembly includes the thruster body, valves, and control electronics. The thruster body is additively manufactured as a single structure using Inconel 718 and includes the injector, combustion chamber, and nozzle. Isolation valves are included upstream of the firing valves for added redundancy. Health monitoring instrumentation includes an integrated and isolated thermocouple and chamber pressure sensor.

With standard data and power interfaces, thrusters are easy to command and operate. The B20 is also operable under ambient conditions to enable fast turnaround ground testing.

Power Consumption:
- Hit: 12 W (for 50 ms)
- Hold: 0.8 W
- Igniter: 9 W (for 50 ms)


Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.61 kg
Average Power
0.8 W
In Production
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