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Firefly’s “Blue Ghost” lander was selected by NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program to deliver a suite of ten Payloads to the lunar surface in mid-2023, with a mission award price of $93.3 million. These Payloads will operate using lander-provided data and power resources through an entire lunar day and beyond lunar dusk in Mare Crisium. The capabilities of the Blue Ghost lander exceed those needed to complete the missions of the NASA-sponsored Payloads, and the following resources remain available for commercial use:

If you have a Payload or an idea for a mission that falls within the envelope described above, we encourage you to reach out to us soon so that we can reserve your space on this historic mission. Our contact information, as well as information about our lander and Payload accommodations, can be found at the links below. We look forward to learning how our mission can serve yours.


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