Mini Passive Hydrogen Maser

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With the contribution of Orolia Switzerland under an ESA contract financed by ASI, the company has been developing, since 2010, a mini PHM for the GALILEO Next-Generation Phase. The aim of the mini PHM project is to provide an instrument with the same frequency stability as the PHM, but with reduced volume and mass, less operational constraint, lower power consumption and environmental sensitivity

The first development phase, completed in 2010 with an Elegant Breadboard Model, demonstrated that the stability performance of the PHM can be achieved with a smaller and lighter Physics Package. In the frame of the current phase, the Electronic Package has been redesigned, providing great improvements in term of mass and electrical performance.

The mini PHM design is based on the same technology and operating mode of the well consolidated PHM, leading to an instrument with improved characteristics and reliability, thanks to a consolidated expertise.


CDH Subsystem
Component Type
Atomic Clock
Form Factor
Dry Mass
12.0 kg
Average Power
50.5 W
In Production
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