N-SPHERE - High-End GNSS Receiver

N-SPHERE - High-End GNSS Receiver image


The N-SPHERE comes as a new generation of Syrlinks’ GNSS receiver. It implements the latest state-of-the-art positioning and synchronization techniques, to reach top class of performances for Real-Time Precise Onboard Orbit Determination (P2OD) and accurate time synchronization.

N-SPHERE inherits from more than 10 years of Syrlinks’ experience in the GNSS domain and has been jointly designed with CNES (The French Space Agency).

The receiver can synchronize from different GNSS systems including GPS, GALILEO, BeiDou and GLONASS. Its synchronization process is GALILEO autonomous with no need of GPS pre-synchronization.

In terms of positioning, N-SPHERE provides accuracy better than 0.5 meters, thanks to a unique algorithm (referenced as “Bolero”) developed by CNES.
Its Software-Defined-Radio (SDR) core architecture brings maximum flexibility and authorizes in-flight firmware upgrade or software configuration adjustment.

Note that N-SPHERE takes part of the GOMX-5 mission organized by ESA and Gomspace A/S, to be launched in 2023. The product is integrated within a 12U Nano/Cubesat payload to demonstrate new nanosatellite capabilities for the next generation of LEO constellations. Indeed, N-SPHERE form factor has been carefully designed and optimized for a smooth integration within Nano/CubeSats.

The product design belongs to the Syrlinks “New Space III” product category. This Product Assurance subclass perfectly meets the requirements of Nano/CubeSat missions, targeting a typical 2/5-year lifetime at Low Earth Orbit with a maximum Total Ionized radiation Dose of 15 krad.


Component Type
GNSS/GPS Receiver
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