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Driven by Space, Safety and Defense market growth, Syrlinks is developing new product lines.
Syrlinks design and manufacture products for the space market, safety, defense & time-frequency in particularly in the following areas:

SPACE : radiocommunication and radionavigaion equipment for small platforms (Nano, Micro and Mini satellites):
• TTC Transceivers in S, X and K/Ka Band,
• High Data Rate transmitters in X and Ka band,
• Precise GNSS receivers (POD), Spectrum monitoring payloads,
•LEO PNT payloads and payloads for data collection.

DEFENSE: Ruggedized communications Systems and Geolocation / Navigation equipment for Defense applications
SAFETY: Various distress and tracking beacons : Cospas / Sarsat, AIS & Argos
TIME-FREQUENCY: Syrlinks has engineered productsrs for many years for embedded applications such as :
• OCXO : Oven Controlled Xtal Oscillators,
• Modules for Synchronization, Ruggedized frequency synthesizers
• Micro Atomic Clocks with Cesium.

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