A sun sensor is a navigational instrument used by spacecraft to detect the position of the sun. Sun sensors are used for attitude control, solar array pointing, gyro updating, and fail-safe recovery. The smart micro sun sensor was developed for the attitude determination system for the CubeSats space missions, The sun sensor was designed with an emphasis on the smallest possible size, while preserving its precision under <1 deg.

Additional Specifications:
• Radiation tolerant >60 krad (Si)
• Small-size and lightweight
• Integrated Ultralow Noise 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC with PGA AD7192
• Integrated thermal sensor
• Development LED
• The entire sensor is nonmagnetic
• Minimal space needed on the satellite surface (<9 mm drill diameter for the sensor to detect the sun), allowing for a more efficient placement of and more place for solar panels
• Vacuum, vibration and shock environmental test


Component Type
Sun Sensor
Form Factor
Dry Mass
0.005 kg
Average Power
0.0205 W
In Production