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The Tiled Ionic Liquid Electrospray (TILE) product line has modular flexibility for thrust multiplication, based on mission requirements. The thruster has been designed for resilience and simplified operation, with no plasma, external cathodes or reactive emissions.

The propellant is stored in low pressure container for simplified storage and logistics, and the manufacturing process is highly scalable benefitting from MEMS microfabrication methods of the semiconductor industry. This enables straightforward scale-up to meet the needs of high-volume missions and services.

The thruster chip arrays included are fault-tolerant; designed to remove common points of failure. The system also integrates with many existing mission control software packages, enable operators to access diagnostic information and health monitoring data.

The propellant is an inexpensive, inert, non-explosive and non-toxic ionic liquid. Orbital stealth is also offered as there is no detectable emission of high power UV, IR, RF or visible lights produced during ionization.

Properties for a single unit:
- Typical total impulse: 755 Ns
- Specific impulse: 1650 sec
- Wet mass: 1.25 kg
- Max axial thrust: 0.45 mN
- Volume: 1U
- Standby power: 1.5 W
- Max power: 20 W


Form Factor
Dry Mass
1.2 kg
Average Power
20.0 W
In Production
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